On Newsstands Now!

Some months ago I told you about some writing projects I had underway. One of them was writing for the Norwegian American Weekly, which I’ve been sharing with you along the way, and now I’m excited to tell you about one of the others!

Seven months after my initial query, my first article in Pregnancy & Newborn has been published. The article, “Craving conspiracy: Ten ways to work with your cravings—instead of against them—to give your baby the best start,” includes my first recipe published in a national magazine: Fennel-Scented Salmon atop a Lentil and Spinach Salad. I hope you’ll check it out (it starts on page 36 of the digital edition). Even if you’re not pregnant, the recipe is a delicious and satisfying way to eat heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids as well as plenty of folic acid.

I had such a great time working on this article. It originated from my own experience with pregnancy cravings and food aversions. While I didn’t have any of the crazy cravings that people sometimes talk about, all I really wanted to eat was cheesy and starchy food such as pizza and nachos. Even though I knew that folic acid was important, I struggled to find leafy greens appetizing. As time went on, I started to think of ways I might have been able to trick my altered palate into being able to eat these foods. This article is the result. I interviewed a doctor from the Mayo Clinic and got ideas from a number of other moms. I’m also really excited about one of the sidebars, in which food writers share their own prenatal dining habits. You’ll hear from Smitten Kitchen, The Naptime Chef, Orangette, and others.

The recipe included would probably be more likely to be served at a French bistro than a Scandinavian cafe, and I know you come to Outside Oslo to read about Nordic food. However, it’s become one of my favorite recipes, and I’m quite proud of it, so wanted to share it with you. My next article to be published does include a Scandinavian-inspired recipe, so I’ll be sure to let you know when it comes out!

Image first published in my blog Nooks & Cranberries