Scandinavian Autumn Fruit Soup

Scandinavian Autumn Fruit Soup

There’s nothing like a pot of fruit and spices simmering on the stove to fill a home with warmth and a cozy aroma. Some people turn to spiced apple cider and mulled wines, but a pot of Scandinavian fruit soup does the trick too.

I’m excited to announce that my recipe for Scandinavian Autumn Fruit Soup is part of my latest article for Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine. The article–“Double-duty dishes: Autumn soups to satisfy the whole family”–is on page 36 of the October issue (the digital edition is available here). The article features five soups that parents can make for the whole family, with directions for adapting them for early eaters. In addition to recipes, the article provides plenty of tips on nutrition and raising healthy eaters. I hope you’ll check it out!

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Welcome October

Pears and Tomatoes

My kitchen is the stuff of magic right now. Fresh, almost-ripe Bartlett pears mingle with the last-of-the-season tomatoes from my next-door neighbor’s garden. The pears have been simmering into a sauce on the stove, preceded by a spiced Scandinavian autumn fruit soup. A kladdkaka, or Swedish gooey chocolate cake, is piping hot on the cake stand, fresh from the oven.  The warm, fruity chocolate aroma is the kind that warms the heart and could inspire a weary soul.

October is here, and just as the seasons have shifted outside, the focus in my kitchen has changed. The items mentioned above are just a taste of what’s coming at Outside Oslo this week. Check back soon for recipes!

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Blueberry Soup: A Summer Treat

Blueberries are a favorite fruit in my kitchen right now. Their easy-to-eat spherical shape and deep indigo color, not to mention their high antioxidant level, make them perfect for a grab-by-the-handful snack or as the centerpiece of a sauce for waffles. In fact, I love them so much that I developed a recipe for cardamom-scented blueberry soup for my first column in the Norwegian American Weekly. Fruit soups are popular in Scandinavia, so blåbærsuppe seemed like a perfect way to celebrate the start of summer with readers. But it turns out that the recipe does double duty in the most exciting way: Reduced slightly, it makes an excellent topping for vanilla ice cream. I encourage you to click over to the Weekly for the recipe and file it away for a summer evening when you’re looking for a little something sweet that utilizes the fresh fruit of the season.