I’m still here

I think we all have those friends who we rarely see, but when we reconnect we find that things are just as we left them. It’s unfortunate, I also think, that such good friends can sometimes go months–or even years–without seeing each other; just imagine what the friendship could look like with more frequency!

In a way, it’s been that way with Outside Oslo in 2011. As I look back to my last post, I realize that four months have passed. But I remember that specific Monday evening in January when I wrote the post, and I think back to it with fondness. It was a quiet and restful evening. I was still recovering from a cold that had kept me out of the office for several days the previous week, and I was reflecting on the way we capture memories, whether through journaling, taking photographs, or writing a blog.

In many ways I look back on past Outside Oslo posts as being a journal, full of snapshots of my life. While much of the content involves food and recipes, rather than typical journal content, reading old posts reminds me of the times in which I wrote them and how I was trying to capture the essence of my Norwegian heritage after Grandma D. passed away.

There may be a four-month gap between my last post and this one, but just like reconnecting with an old friend, it’s good to be writing again. I’ll be back again soon–there won’t be a four-month gap this time, I promise!

3 thoughts on “I’m still here

  1. So good to hear from you again. I think sharing what sparks memories of those we love or our childhood is a great topic for this blog. I am making a baked spagetti recipe to take to a church potluck. The first time I made it was when my children were young, they are now grown with kids of their own. It was for a New Years Eve dinner with good friends. We had a great time. So good to remember those times.

    • I agree! It’s amazing how food can conjure up sweet memories from the past. Thanks for sharing your own!

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