Lefse Lesson – Day 1

I have the privilege of learning to make lefse from a master. What’s lefse, you may ask? In short, it’s a type of Norwegian flatbread. Perhaps describing it as a sort of potato tortilla will help you get the picture.

The master is my grandma. She’s been making lefse for a long time, and has a reputation for making them nice and thin–the best ones are light and delicate. It’s a skill, and one that requires patience.

Making lefse is a two-day process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to Day 1:

LefseFirst you boil the potatoes.

LefseThen you mash them.

LefseRun them through a ricer to ensure a smooth finished product.

LefseThis is what the riced potatoes will look like.

LefseStir in a mixture of butter and cream.

MaxOf course, The Cat will hang around looking for handouts.

LefseYou’ll end up with a potato mixture to refrigerate overnight.

And that’s Day 1 in a nutshell. I hope you’ll check back to learn the fun part: rolling the lefse… and eating it. See you soon!

Giving credit where credit is due: My mom took the third photo, the one that shows Grandma and me ricing the potatoes.

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