What makes you happy?

Sometimes it’s good to know what makes one happy, to have a list to pull out when something comes up that sets things off course. The last several days have had their fair share of stress, particularly due to an emergency at work. With that in mind, here’s my list. It still needs work, but it’s a start:

  • Kittens – Seriously, seeing those cute little balls of fur with pointy tails almost never fails to make me smile.
  • Playing the piano
  • Reading a good book while sitting by the fire on a cold evening – I did this last night with Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson. Set in a remote part of Norway, its descriptions of nature fill the senses. Watch for a review once I finish reading it.
  • Baking or cooking something delicious
  • Writing

Maria sings about her favorite things in The Sound of Music. I’ve shared some of mine here. What are some things that make you happy–not just things you like, but things that really make you feel better and want to smile? I’d like to hear about them!

One thought on “What makes you happy?

  1. Drinking a latte, browsing a bookstore, reading something great but only if I have the time to focus (which I seem to rarely have right now), watching a really fabulous tv show with characters I love, talking to a good friend, walking down a city street – with coffee nearby or in hand, lamp posts and snowfall and fog, London.

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